Cross-Cutting Environmental Research Needs Workshop

Prior to the 2010 TRB Environment and Energy Research Conference, FHWA's Office of Planning, Environment and Realty's Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program (STEP) and the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) partnered to host the Cross-Cutting Environmental Research Needs Workshop. Over 100 conference attendees participated in the one-half day workshop and generated research ideas related to four cross-cutting topics: Climate Change, Energy, Livability, and Sustainability. During the conference itself, all attendees were given the opportunity to contribute additional ideas and to vote their priorities among the topics.

Final Report

The final report documenting the activities during the Cross-Cutting Environmental Research Needs Workshop is available in two parts:

The report will provide a timely resource for those developing targeted research problem statements, advocating for investment in particular lines of research, or looking for current research related to the cross-cutting topics discussed at the workshop.  Further, TRB committees can draw from the report to identify potential partnerships with other committees to develop research needs statements. Additional information includes an outline of transportation research funding sources and guidelines on developing a research idea into a formal research problem statement.

Research program administrators will also find feedback on the conduct of transportation research. Combining this information with the topics and priorities identified by the workshop participants and conference attendees will help improve the administration of research programs and, perhaps even more critically, the effectiveness of delivering research findings to practitioners and policy makers in the transportation industry.

White Papers

Prior to the workshop, FHWA's STEP Program commissioned a series of four white papers from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (Volpe Center). Based on input from the TRB committees that attended the conference, the white papers outlined future research needs organized by the four cross-cutting topic areas. Each white paper offered a compilation of ongoing and completed research related to the conference theme.

An extensive table listing over 120 relevant recent and ongoing research activities was also developed.