Conference Program

Concurrent Technical Sessions (49-54)
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 9:30am - 10:45am

49. Communicating Sustainability Values - Part I
Moderator: Jeff Moore, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Effectively communicating sustainability values to a frequently skeptical public presents unique challenges. This session will provide both real-life examples of the challenges involved and the opportunity for a lively discussion of solutions. Because of the wide range of issues and their importance, this topic will be addressed in two sequential sessions (49 & 58).

Part I (Session 49) will share methods used by communities and agencies to effect transportation lifestyle changes and gain commitments to sustainable transportation and land use solutions.

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50. Who's Suing Who About What: The Latest in Surface Transportation Litigation
Moderator: Brett Gainer, Federal Highway Administration

What are the hot topics and trends in Federal surface transportation litigation today? What issues do plaintiffs raise most often? Who is doing the suing?  What parts of the country are seeing a rise in surface transportation cases?  What effect has the Federal six month “statute of limitations” had on litigation involving highway, multimodal, and public transportation capital projects?  This panel, composed of Federal attorneys and a private attorney with long experience in representing State transportation agencies, would answer these and other questions with the goal of equipping Federal, State, and local transportation officials to develop projects that will withstand judicial scrutiny.

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51. Green Cleanup/Green Recycling in the Transportation Context
Moderator: Jennie Armstrong, Oregon Department of Transportation

This Session will focus on green and innovative approaches to management of contaminated media.

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52. FAA's Noise Research Roadmap
Moderator: Mary Ellen Eagan, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.

The FAA is developing a comprehensive research roadmap for FAA and other interested parties to implement systematic, effective, and complementary research programs. FAA wants to leverage resources towards substantially advancing the scientific knowledge needed by the aviation community to more optimally address the impacts of aircraft noise on society.

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53. Emerging State Approaches to Regulating Climate Change Impacts of Land Development
Moderator: Chris Conklin, Vannesse Hangen Brustlin

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are or soon will impact many aspects of our lives - how we travel, what products we buy, and what food is available in our stores. What are GHG emissions? How will they change the transportation sector? How will development projects need to change to respond to GHG emissions requirements?

This session will present a discussion of how State’s are responding to GHG requirements especially in the transportation sector. It will provide background information on Global Warming and GHG emissions, Federal and State legislation, the development of State GHG policies, and examples of how development projects have addressed these challenges to obtain approvals, including mitigation measures and the air quality analysis.

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54. How to Achieve a Low Carbon Transport System in 2050
Moderator: Jonathan Rubin, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, University of Maine

This session will focus on "How" to achieve the system: what are the transitional barriers to a low carbon transport system and what are the strategies to overcome these barriers.  Barriers discussed include regulation, special interests, consumer acceptance, and system dynamics.

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