Conference Program

Concurrent Technical Sessions (31-36)
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:45pm

31. Addressing Aviation-related Air Pollution
Moderators: Roger Wayson, Volpe Center; Michael Kenney, KB Environmental Sciences, Inc.

This session will address airport emissions including monitoring of PM, case studies on improving data, and use of simulation modeling to assess airport emissions. Emission impacts of alternate fuels will also be discussed.

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32. Storm Water Management and Water Quality - Part I
Moderator: Hal Gard, Oregon Department of Transportation

Stormwater treatment from highways continues to be challenge that DOTs face that require effective and efficient ways to treat highway runoff to meet changing regulatory requirements under the Clean Water Act.  There are two sessions that will address stormwater, topics.  This session highlights new treatment technologies available for more rural settings, a summary of an AASHTO Sponsored Stormwater Conference that took place in May 2010, and an update on USEPA regulations.

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33. Sustainable Highway Construction
Moderator: Dave Soltis, TLI Solutions

This session focuses on implementation and lessons learned of incorporating sustainability into highway construction programs.

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34. Alternative Fuels: Shaping the Discussion - Part I
Facilitators: Robert E. Larson, Environmental Protection Agency; Shannon Baxter-Clemmons, South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance

How to go from science to public understanding and applicability. This will be a facilitated discussion

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35. Lessons Learned from ARRA - Part I
Moderator: Paul Graham, Ohio Department of Transportation

Lessons learned for meeting aggressive ARRA schedules: 1) public and interagency collaboration for excellent project delivery
2) creative approaches to environmental review to meet the ARRA objectives.

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36. Transit and Sustainability (6.67MB)
Moderator: Projjal K. Dutta, Metropolitan Transportation Authority

This session will discuss public transportation sector sustainability strategies. Topics include transit oriented development, mode shift, new transit technologies such as rail regenerative braking, FTA’s $100 million program to reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions from transit, Environmental Management Systems, and the American Public Transportation Association Sustainability Commitment.

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