Conference Program

Concurrent Technical Sessions (1-6)
Monday, June 7, 2010 - 10:30am - noon

1. Green Transportation Initiatives - Part I
Moderator: Dave Soltis, TLI Solutions

This session will focus on the state and federal "green" transportation programs such as Green Highways, GreenLITES and Green Roads (see session #8 too).

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2. Sharing Sustainability Practices in Aviation (319KB)
Moderator: Burr Stewart, Principle Burrst

The aviation industry is using a highly collaborative approach to advance sustainability practices.  This session will describe the creation of a web-based aviation sustainability practices tool called SAGA and the perspectives of several participants on where sustainability is headed.

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3. Historic Bridges: New Approaches Toward Sustaining the Legacy
Moderator: Mary Ann Naber, Federal Highway Administration

This session will present new tools and approaches that should be helpful in maintaining the viability of historic bridges.

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4. Particulate Matter Project-Level Analysis
Moderator: Cecelia Ho, Federal Highway Administration

This session will discuss how particulate matter can be modeled at the project level. Includes meeting conformity requirements and using MOVES to model particulate matter.

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5. Addressing Climate Change Impacts at the Transportation Project Scale (1.19MB)
Moderator: Carissa Schively Slotterback, University of Minnesota

This session will examine approaches and issues related to addressing climate change impacts at the project scale, integrating perspectives from both research and practice. Emerging policies related to addressing climate change in environmental impact analysis and new models for calculating greenhouse gas impact will be examined. Approaches to considering climate change in recent transportation projects will be discussed.

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6. Vehicle Electrification: How Close/Ready Are We?
Moderator: Dan Santini, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory

This session differentiates the attributes of plug-in electric vehicles - plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles - showing that they will serve fundamentally different markets and present different problems and opportunities for electric utilities.

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