Defining Community Context


Selecting the Right Tools

In addition to the NCHRP 25-25 Task 69: Defining Community Context in Transportation Project Planning and Development publication, the Community Context searchable database allows you to find and select the "right" community context tool for your situation and purpose. The database includes an extensive array of tools, which have been categorized for convenient searching based on project/study type, project phase, geographic scale, tool purpose, context issue, and tool users. The output also provides a more detailed factsheet in a printable pdf format.


To begin your search, select one or more attributes from the list to the left based on the unique characteristics and needs of your project. To select multiple attributes in each category hold the "Control" (PC) or "Command" (MAC) key on your keyboard and make your selection. Click "Submit" when the choices best match your situation. If you would like to revise your selection, simply click "Reset" and begin again. After submitting, click on the links that appear to the right to discover more about the community context tools best suited for your needs.

Project or Study Type

Project Phase

Geographic Scale

Purpose of Tool

Community Context Issue


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